Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Insufficient sleep not only causes you stress; it might also cause health problems- depression, anxiety, poor memory, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. If you're one of those who have suffered from tossing and turning for weeks without sound sleep, read on to learn how to avoid sleep deprivation.

The Relationship Between Sleep and Health

According to a survey reported, 20% of the people in the world suffer from insufficient sleep. It can have profound consequences on a short-term and potentially long-term period for your body and mental health.

The Relationship Between Sleep and Health The Relationship Between Sleep and Health

Depression & Anxiety - Sleep deprivation will cause a down feeling, short bursts of anxiety, and even an irregular heartbeat.

Poor Memory - Your working memory is affected, Even influencing your ability to remember words your leader said five minutes ago.

Overeating - Sleep deprivation will bring you constant feelings of hunger and increased appetite, which nudges you to eat more and surely affect your waistline.

Diabetes - Researches show that sleep deprivation may lead to diabetes by slowing down the body's ability to process glucose.

Cardiovascular - Researches show that blood pressure will elevate the next day if people who have existing hypertension do not get sufficient sleep overnight. It can explain why sleep deprivation will boost a higher likelihood of a heart attack and cardiovascular disease.

Tips For Preventing Sleep Deprivation

Tips For Preventing Sleep Deprivation Tips For Preventing Sleep Deprivation

Avoid Caffeinated Drinks - Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps you awake and energetic. So try to avoid drinking them four hours before going to bed. It's also not a good habit to indulge in them.

Consistent Schedule - Keep consistent bedtimes and wake-up times every day to form the body clock. Then, when it's time, the body will send out sleep signals.

Evening Walk - Keep walking for about 30 minutes every night. An evening walk can give you time to savor the wonderful moment of the daytime and bring you fatigue, leading you to a soundly sleep.

Take a Hot Shower - When you're stressed out, your nerves are tense. As a result, you will not be able to fall asleep peacefully. So instead, what you should do is soaking in the tub. Let heat release the tension from your nerves.

Keep Comfortable Temperature - Appropriate temperature sends body signals to alert your body that it’s time to sleep. While LALORAS silk sleepwear, a temperature regulator, can keep you warm in winter and cold in summer.

Limit the Light - The light from the device is proven to affect your body clock. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a LALORAS silk sleep mask which can give you complete darkness.

Tips For Preventing Sleep Deprivation Tips For Preventing Sleep Deprivation

Worried about sleep problems are affecting your health? Maybe it’s time to stop and take a nap. So put on silk pajamas, plus an eye mask, and enjoy your Zzzs now. Adequate sleep makes all the difference.

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