How Often Should You Wash Your Silk Pajamas

How Often Should You Wash Your Silk Pajamas

For daytime clothes, you've probably got a good laundry routine. But how to deal with your silk pajamas? Silk pajamas are used daily at home and don't show a lot of wear and tear. Also, they are usually worn when you're clean(after a shower). If your pajamas are used not often, it seems wasteful to wash them after every wear; it is also plain impractical. How often should you wash them? Before you go off spouting different numbers, here are a few things to think about.

How Often Should You Wash Your Silk Pajamas How Often Should You Wash Your Silk Pajamas

Personal Sleep Habits

On the one hand, the frequency of cleaning silk pajamas depends largely on whether you wear underwear or not. If you like wearing your silk pajamas as a first layer without underwear, you may need to wash them after every use. If your pajamas are a second layer, it is probably suitable to wash them every two or three days.

On the other hand, even if you do not go out wearing silk pajamas, natural body oils(even after a shower), dead skin cells, and bacteria can still build up in the fabric, leading to odor and causing skin irritation. It's another thing to notice that if you're wearing pajamas all day, you may need to wash them every day.

Sleep Environment

In addition to sleep habits, you will need to check your sleep environment to determine how often to wash your pajamas. If you do not weat a lot when sleeping or you take a shower before tucking in silk pajamas, you can probably reduce washes.

People are recommended sleep in a cool place for quality sleep, which might also reduce the amount of sweat your pj's are absorbing every night. If you are experiencing hot and humid nights, or you like to use many skin care products before tucking in for the night, you will need to clean your silk pajamas more often.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Silk Pajamas How Often Should You Wash Your Silk Pajamas

Care Instructions

1. Opt for machine or hand washing

2. Place your silk pajamas in mesh bags

3. Select the delicate cycle

4. Use cold water and silk detergent

5. Lay your silk flat to air dry

At last, all LALORAS silk pajamas are machine-washable and can still retain glossy and soft after repeated wash, but they are still silks and need as much care as you can give them. It should be noted that there is little dust and dirt to dirty your silk pajamas when wearing them indoors, and pure mulberry silk does not absorb bacteria and oil like cotton. It makes sense that your pajamas don't need to be washed quite often as your usual streetwear. Our suggestion is to shower at night to extend your pajamas' wash cycle. But finally, use your common sense. If they smell funky or have stains, maybe it's time to wash your pajamas.

How often do you wash your silk pajamas?

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