How to Choose a Sleep Mask

How to Choose a Sleep Mask

Nowadays, sleeping for a full night is a challenge for many people. A dark room can be the big difference between sleeping easily and tossing and turning for an hour. Thus we need to block unwanted light when falling asleep. Sleep masks can be an easy and powerful solution. They are available everywhere at drug stores, shopping malls, airport stalls, and online. But purchasing a suitable sleep mask can be much harder than you thought, their price ranges from $5 to $150. However, not all sleep masks are created equal. There are some main features to think about when shopping, from the light-blocking capability to other functions. In this article, we're going to show you how to choose the best sleep mask.

Light-Blocking Property.

The main purpose of your sleep mask is to block light and help eyes away from all unwanted light that might disturb your sleep. Because darkness makes your brain produce melatonin which makes you feel sleepy. This is of great use especially for people who need to be surrounded by complete darkness to fall asleep. And it's much easier to fall asleep on a train, bus, or plane during the daylight when wearing a sleep mask. But not all sleep masks create a total blackout. You might want to pick one that blocks out as much light as possible. Both fabric and fit can play a great role in a sleep mask's light-blocking property. And it is a very sensible idea to choose a returnable mask if it doesn't work for you.

Fabric and Feel

Sleep masks come in various materials, such as silk, satin, cotton, and polyester. You should attach attention to this feature and choose a fabric that won't irritate your skin or cause creases around the eyes. Wearing a sleep mask is the closest contact, so it's better to choose a high-quality material—the more comfortable the material, the better the sleep. And silk is the best fabric for sleep masks. It's hypoallergic, lightweight, breathable on the skin, and has a great blackout capability. What's more, thanks to its smooth feel, you don't have to worry about creases on your face. One more thing, you should check the padding. Normally, the thicker the padding, the more darkness you'll get.


You want your sleep mask to help you Zzzs easily; you want your sleep mask to fit the upper part of your face perfectly, but what if it wouldn't fit your eyes and nose where light can often sneak in? Do you have a smaller, or a larger head? Laloras silk sleep mask is covered with pure mulberry silk fabric and filled with 100% silk floss. Plus it features silk elasticated straps offering optimal comfort on your skin. Its elastic strap circumference is from 21.65" to 26.77" which will fit most people. Complete darkness to never lose sleep again.

How to Choose a Sleep Mask How to Choose a Sleep Mask


Finding the right temperature may be the key to sound sleep. There are also sleep masks that can adjust temperature around eyes. It can be extremely comfortable to add a bit of extra warmth to the eyes while sleeping, and a cool sleep mask can help relieve yourself in hot weather to promise luxury of sleep. While silk is famous for temperature-regulating. Organic proteins in silk can regulate temperature when you sleep; thus, silk sleep masks helps your eyes warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool in summer. One eye mask can achieve two effects, which is a good deal.


You will never go wrong with stylish solid color combinations which can make striking fashion statements. So we suggest buy solid color sleep masks that complement your silk sleepwear. It is fun to mix and match with them, right?

Sleep with a right sleep mask, and you're on the way to a good night's sleep and all the health benefits that go with it! Your body and mind will thank you for the higher quality sleep!

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