How to Clean a Silk Sleep Mask

How to Clean a Silk Sleep Mask

Your silk sleep mask is maybe your most intimate friend. It hugs your face and delicate eye area night after night, bringing you a deep, rejuvenating sleep. But you might be wondering how to clean your LALORAS silk sleep mask or if you have to bring it to a dry cleaner. The answer is you can wash it yourself at home so long as you follow few steps to avoid damaging the delicate fabric.

Here are 4 instructions to care your LALORAS silk sleep masks.

1. Machine or Hand Washing with Lukewarm Water

You can machine wash your silk sleep mask in gentle cycle with 30°C (86°F) water. We recommend use a delicate wash bag. Also, wash by hand can prolong its lifespan.

2. Use Silk Detergent

Wash with neutral silk detergent. You can choose any kind of liquid silk detergent so long as it is neutral. Silk detergent developed with a mild formula is gentler on your silks.

3. Gently Squeeze out Water

Using the palms of both your hands, press your sleep mask to gently wring out excess water as much as you can.

4. Lay Flat to Air Dry

Leave it to dry in the air. We recommend not tumble dry and avoid direct sunlight exposure. As they damage the integrity of the fabric.


Only wash when necessary.

Do not use bleach products.

If you machine wash your silk sleep mask in gentle cycle with a delicate wash bag, to save you time and water, you can buy several silk sleep masks and wash them together.

If you wish to maximise the lifespan of your sleep mask, washing it by hand is the optimal method.

Treat your LALORAS sleep mask with care, and it will give you good sleep and bring you a wonderful day!

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