How to Wash Your Silk Pajamas

How to Wash Your Silk Pajamas

We attach great importance to the fabrics and quality of our silk pajamas, which is why we use the 6A grade 100% pure mulberry Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified silk. What's more, we master the exclusive formulas of producing premium silk fabrics. There's no need for expensive dry cleaning. All of Laloras silk pajamas are machine-washable. Despite repeated machine wash, Laloras silk pajamas can remain ultimately glossy, soft, and durable. To ensure your silks remain at their finest, read up, so you know exactly how to care for them.

How To Wash Silk Pajamas

You may have steered away from silk pajamas because you thought that materials are hard to care for. You'll discover that silk is actually quite simple to wash through these tips, and only a little extra attention is required.

1. Opt for Machine or Hand Washing

Throw silk pajamas in the washing machine. Avoid color mixing with other clothes. Or wash your silk pajamas by hand.

2. Select the Delicate Cycle

Recent research shows that shorter wash cycles (about 30 minutes) can make silk pajamas durable.

3. Use Cold Water and Silk Detergent

Wash your silk pajamas with a temperature within 30 degrees. Because silk is sensitive to heat, it may discolor and become brittle when washed in hot water. Besides, silk detergent developed with a mild formula is suitable for those with sensitive skin and gentler on your silk pajamas.

4. Place Your Silk Pajamas in Mesh Bags

We suggest adding a laundry bag to help avoid pulling, snagging, and tearing during a machine cycle.

How To Wash Silk Pajamas

1. Lay Your Silk Flat to Air Dry

We suggest absorbing the moisture by rolling the silk in a clean white towel. Then lay your silk pajamas flat to air dry.

2. Avoid Tumble Dry and Sunlight

Avoid tumble dry and sunlight as the warm temperature destroys the structure of silks and makes them harden.

How To Iron Silk Pajamas

1. Iron Silks at Low Temperature

Find your iron’s delicate or lowest heat setting. The temperature is no higher than 110° C.

2. Iron on the Reverse Side of Your Silk Sleepwear

Iron the silk pajamas on the reverse side to ensure no iron marks on the glossier side. Do this part by part.


How To Store Silk Pajamas

Silk is luxurious and cozy, but when it comes to storing, that is something most people fear. Don't worry; while silk does require a little attention, it doesn't mean that it's hard to store.

Store Silk Pajamas in A Breathable Fabric Bag

Avoid folding silk with other items for too long. To preserve it nicely, store it in a breathable fabric bag. Do not put them in plastics, as their protein elements need to breathe.

Store Silk Pajamas in A Cool, Dry, Dark Place

silk is sensitive to light and will discolor and become brittle when exposed to it.

Tips: Care For Silk Pajamas

1. Wearing your silk pajamas is the best way to prevent wrinkles. Natural oils from your body will help soften them up.

2. During washing, never wring your silk pajamas because the silk fibers may break.

3. Do not soak for a long time. It may cause discoloration.

4. Do not wash too frequently. Silk keeps fresh longer than other fabrics.

Caring for your silk pajamas is in a breeze. Join the silk journey. Know more about the Six Benefits of Silk Pajamas. If you have any concerns please Email Us, we are glad to help.

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