Introduction to Silk Weaving

Introduction to Silk Weaving

The history of silk-making dates back thousands of years, and still to this day is considered as one of the most delicate luxurious fabric. But, do you know how do we turn these strands of silks into the smooth silk fabrics that we love? Then the weaving process should be referred to. So, read on and find the secret of silk weaving.


Weaving is the process in which the raw silk comes together. After being processed, the raw silk is divided into warp and weft. The warp will run up and down the fabric while the weft runs across it. They are interwoven with each other according to a certain organization law to create a strong, uniform fabric, which is the weaving process. There are many different ways in which silk can be woven. One of the most popular methods for weaving silk is called charmeuse. The charmeuse weave is a tight weave that results in a smooth and lustrous surface and a dull matte back. So this feature makes it the most popular silk weave for producing delicate sleepwear, scarves, and sheets.

There are many other popular types of silk weaves, such as silk chiffon, silk crêpe-de-chine, silk habotai, and silk georgette. Each of them has a unique weave law to form silk fabrics with different feels and looks.

Introduction to Silk Weaving Introduction to Silk Weaving

Wave of LALORAS Silk Sleepwear

LALORAS silk sleepwear is woven with a charmeuse weave. They are smooth and lightweight with a nice drape. What's more, we master the unique weave of producing high dense charmeuse-the warp and weft of our silk sleepwear are interwoven more densely. As a result, our 19 Momme 6A grade Mulberry silk fabrics do not easily split, even durable than many 22 Momme silk fabrics on the market. But It is also because of our denser weaving, and it is slightly difficult to recover when wrinkling, and the feel is slightly crisper than ordinary silk on the market. But do not be too worried. As long as you master the correct care method, you can still enjoy the luxury silk experience Laloras quality silk fabrics bring you.

First, we suggest adding a laundry bag to help avoid pulling, snagging, and wrinkling during a machine cycle. Also, avoid mixing with other clothes. Second, you are advised to iron or steam silks on the reverse side at a low temperature. Last but not least, hang your silks up when you don't wear them.

Nowadays, it's easy to get buried in many artificial alternatives to silk fabrics. However, nothing can rival natural silk in terms of textures, looks, and feel. To learn more about silk knowledge, explore our other blogs.

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