Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Once a year, there comes the big day for appreciating that woman- an important lady in your life. Mother's Day is a good excuse to spoil your Mom. Just give her a perfect gift to celebrate a special Mother's Day she'll never forget. Besides, we've never met a Mom who was not excited when unboxing new silk sleepwear. Below are our picks to show your love on this Mother's Day.

Laloras adheres to the design philosophy of "less is more" and removes unnecessary designs like florals and frills. We love simple, classic, and versatile design, so do your mom. Our 100% mulberry silk sleepwear is perfect all year round - Organic proteins in silk can regulate temperature when sleeping - never too hot, never too cold. Plus, with protein, a natural chemical in silk, the process of skin metabolism speeds up. As time goes on, the long-term use of silk will significantly improve the skin's anti-aging performance. Discover our silk sleepwear picks for mom below.

Give mom the gift of a better night's sleep. Research has shown that wearing a silk eye mask reduces the time taken to fall asleep and improves sleep quality. Silk sleep masks with 'Mama' dainty embroidery should be a special gift on this Mother's Day! So go on and spoil her with this luxurious and cozy treat she'll absolutely adore! Explore all pure silk eye masks here.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Mother's Day Gift Guide

Easy Machine Wash

We master the exclusive technology of producing premium silk fabrics. Despite repeated machine wash, Laloras silk sleepwear can remain ultimately glossy, soft, and durable. To keep your silks in the best status, select the washing machine's delicate cycle, wash them with cold water and mild silk detergent.

Drying and Ironing

Lay your silk flat and allow it to air dry naturally. Avoid direct heat and sunlight. Once dry, iron or steam them on the reverse side at low temperature to restore the silk's luster and softness.

Our silk pajamas starting at $95, with free shipping worldwide.

We've taken the stress out of gift-giving. Laloras was founded with a simple yet great mission: to provide people worldwide with ethical, high-quality silk products at revolutionary prices. We walk the walk- Laloras launched high-quality silk sleepwear at an unparalleled price of US$95 when we first came into the market, which bought the price that most people can afford!

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