Pick the Right Fabrics for Your Quality Sleep

Pick the Right Fabrics for Your Quality Sleep

Do you often sweat a lot at night? Or do you usually feel chilled? When we sleep, we should keep as comfortable as possible to earn a full night of sleep. In fact, by creating the right sleep environment—besides light and temperature, fabrics for sleepwear can make a great difference. Read on to learn about the right fabrics used in sleepwear to help support good shut-eye.


What can be more comfortable than wearing a pair of luxurious silk pajamas? You’ll feel like royalty. Silk is a natural protein fiber made from silkworms. And it has excellent thermoregulation - in silk pajamas, the skin breathes easily. It can keep you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot. Even more, silk is composed of sericin which is hypoallergenic. Protecting you from bacteria, fungus, and dust mite, perfect for people with allergies. The downside of this luxurious fabric is that it is moisture-wicking, which is beneficial for people who often sweat a lot during sleep, however, it also means that silk pajamas need to be cleaned more often. But do not be worried; LALORAS silk sleepwear is machine washable so that the wash journey can be a breeze. Therefore silk is a great choice for you.


Cotton, a natural, soft fiber, and lightweight to the touch. It is widely used, durable, and easy to wash. But cotton does a poor job of insulating and may make you cold if worn in cooler weather. In addition, it is extremely absorbent, meaning you will want to wash your cotton sleepwear more often than other fabrics to prevent the growth of bacteria. So if you experience a lot of night sweats, it may not be the best choice.


Linen is considered more expensive than a luxury silk material. It is a natural fiber, eco-friendly, soft, breathable, and cool, suitable for summer clothes. But one problem with linen as a sleepwear fabric is that it wrinkles easily. You may always be ready to iron your linen to restore its glory.


Polyester is one of the most versatile synthetic materials in the clothing industry. It's essentially a petroleum-derived plastic. Sleepwear made with polyester tends to be strong, durable, wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, even fade-resistant. One problem is that it is not very eco-friendly and breathable, thus sweat is often trapped on the skin.

Now, are you ready to pick the right sleep fabrics? Believe it or not, the right sleepwear can actually benefit you. It should be noted that sleep occupies up to a third of our life; therefore it’s of great importance to choose the most comfortable one.

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