Silk Pajamas Buying Guide: Six Tips for Picking Your Pajamas

Silk Pajamas Buying Guide: Six Tips for Picking Your Pajamas

Good sleep is influenced by good sleepwear. Selecting your pajama may seem like a piece of cake, but when first starting to buy silk pajamas online, many people are not sure what to look for. Luckily, Laloras professional team members, most of us who have 10 or even 30 years of work experience at silk product development, are here to share our experience to help narrow down your options and make the right choice. So how do you select your silk pajamas? Here are six tips that matter


It is important to make an investment and purchase pajamas that give you better sleep. One of the best options of pajamas is silk, a natural fiber. Organic proteins in silk can regulate temperature when you sleep; thus, silk lets you warm and cozy in winter and keeps you comfortably cool in summer. You will always wallow in a fresh comfort throughout the sleep.

Plus, you should pay attention to the type of silks, the type of weave, and the weight of the silk fabric.

1) All of our products are made of mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is considered the highest quality silk and most expensive silk.

2) Our sleepwear is woven of silk charmeuse. It is the most popular weave and smooth and luxurious to the touch, draping incredibly well.

3) Laloras silk sleepwear is made from high-quality 19 Momme silk which is the very ideal weight, offering affordability, great strength, and thickness. It is also twice the weight of many popular sleepwear brands.


Great silk needs great workmanship. Pure silk is an expensive fabric and a very tough fabric to sew, which will takes a lot of time in the manufacturing process. Inspect the pajamas entirely, especially the seams and ends. Pajamas that will stay with you for a long time is worth investing in.


Wearing loose pajamas will offer you more comfort and freedom of movement. So when choosing your silk pajamas online, take time to check the size guide. The size guide at Laloras indicates your body measurements and not the measurements of the product. We typically recommend choosing a larger size if you are between sizes. Not sure about the size? Email us at


Have to throw away your own style for your sleepwear? Of course not. Think about what style you prefer. A pajama? A robe? A slip dress? With so many styles and colors, your sleepwear can reflect your personality in various ways. Slip dresses and robes are usually sexier than pajamas, but instead, pajamas give you more freedom of movement when sleeping. Want to be elegant? choose our classic solid pajama set.


This is another important factor. Now silk pajamas have become a contemporary trend. You can mix and match your pajamas with other sleepwear. Also, your pajamas do not have to only stay indoors. You can wear a pajama top as a regular shirt. Match it with any trousers. Carry the comfort, wherever, whenever you like.


Inevitably, your pajamas need to be cleaned regularly. Many traditional silk pajamas are tagged explicitly "dry clean only", which would be a fuss. To bring you a breeze, we launched pretty, luxe, and machie-washable silk pajamas without going to the dry-cleaners. Simply use machine wash cold with silk detergent in a delicate cycle and lay flat to air dry. Though repeated machine wash, our silk pajamas are still perfect with ultimate luster, softness, and durability.

Finding the right pajamas doesn't have to be a luxury thing if you know what to pay attention to. With these tips you will get comfy pajamas and wake up feeling refreshed and refined.

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