Six Surprising Benefits of Silk Pajamas

Six Surprising Benefits of Silk Pajamas

Sleep, a one-third part of your life, is worth investing in. This also means making good choices about what you wear when you sleep is of great importance. Silk has made its mark in the fabric industry for being one of the most coveted fabrics in the world with natural sheen and softness.

New research shows that silk benefits are far beyond looks. Here are just a few reasons why silk has become a natural antidote for various health conditions and why you should sleep in silk.

1.) Bring Better Sleep

Research shows that sleeping in silk can in fact give you better sleep. Cotton sleepwear can irritate the skin, attract dust and mites at night, which impacts restfulness to a great extend. Things silk pajamas cannot do: save the world, but it will save you from restless nights. Its dense fabric structure prevents dust and mites from accumulating; in the meantime, sericin repels dust mites. Not only that. The silk fabric protein combines 18 kinds of natural amino acids that are named ‘the sleep factor.’ Those trick the nervous system into a relaxing state that triggers your sleep mode.

2.) Anti-aging Function

Cotton and other fabrics absorb your skin's precious natural oils resulting in dryness and dullness. While silk amino acids, a natural nutrient found in the silk fabric, help you retain these essential oils. Whilst Its smooth touch reduces friction on the skin and minimizes sleep wrinkles. You’ll wake up looking fresh and vibrant, restoring luster and moistening. Besides, with protein, a natural chemical in silk, the process of skin metabolism speeds up. As time goes on, the long-term use of silk will significantly improve the skin's anti-aging performance.

3.) Anti-fungi Result

Our sleeping environment may be a breeding ground for fungus and other bacterias. It should be noted that sericin makes silk resistant to mold, fungus, and bacterias. A recent study shows that silk sleepwear is becoming a popular choice. Not only can it envelop you nicely during sleep, but also it can avoid repeated infections of candida albicans which cause the common fungal infection in women.

4.) Hypoallergenic Properties

Due to its compact structure, natural sericin, and smooth feel, silk is known for its hypoallergenic properties. And it’s free of any potentially irritating added chemicals. Thus it’s the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Silk sleepwear is an excellent alternative to the usual cotton and polyester ones, thanks to these healing properties.

5.) Relieve Inflammations

Silk is ideal for infected skin, like people with eczema. Those sufferers have to change lifestyle and accept various treatment to protect sensitive skin. Exposing skin to mites or dust at night can still affect the entire treatment process. However, it has been found that the triggers of those diseases are microbes that would not stand a chance against silk’s compact structure. Except for eczema, silk’s hypoallergenic quality can help treat people with asthma, skin rashes, or that stuffy nose.

6.) Ease the Symptoms of Menopause

The most common and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause are hot flushes in the face and back. It is advised to sleep in lightweight, breathable silk pajamas to help counteract this. Organic proteins in silk can regulate temperature when you sleep; thus, silk lets you warm and cozy in winter and keeps you comfortably cool in summer. You will always wallow in a fresh comfort throughout the sleep.

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