Our Mission

To provide people with luxury silk products at revolutionary prices.

Our Story

When referring to the brand name "Laloras", it comes from an interesting dream of our founder. In the dream, the ancient Greek god gave her the name "Laloras" and mysterious power to complete her mission. What an interesting dream, that's how Laloras was born!

For the past year or so, people all over the globe have experienced a tough time. Through the efforts of all humanity, people's life is gradually returning to normal. We believe it is our responsibility to bring high-quality, ethical silk experiences to all who strive for a better life.

Why can Laloras achieve revolutionary prices?

Most of our team members have 10 or even 30 years of work experience at the forefront of silk product development and fabric procurement. There are no middlemen-we directly purchase materials from a silk factory located in Shandong, China which with a history of 70 years.

Laloras owns a clothing production factory where the raw materials will be directly sent to produce garments, which ensures quality and avoids expensive outsourced fees.

Laloras adheres to the design philosophy of "less is more" and removes unnecessary designs. It is firmly believed that simple, classic, and versatile design is modern yet timeless.

Finally, Laloras has the ability and is willing to bring customers a trustworthy silk experience at a revolutionary price. We want to break through the bottleneck of the silk industry using our own advantages, so as to pay homage to our mission.

Our Value

Most of Laloras's team members have families. We are convinced that after-work hours are significant. This realization sent us on a journey to seek cozy, quality, and flattering sleepwear and strive to create warm, welcoming spaces for friends, family, and even pets.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Cozy life without burden!

Have questions?

You can contact us at Email: support@laloras.com or call +1 (347) 566 -1988 Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm EST (Excludes Holidays).

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