Silk Care Guide

We care a lot about the fabrics and quality of our silk sleepwear, which is why we use the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified silk fabric. It means all types of textiles have been tested for harmful substances, from yarns to finished products. What's more, we master the exclusive technology of producing premium silk fabrics. Despite repeated machine wash, Laloras silk sleepwear can remain glossy, soft, and smooth. To ensure your silks remain at their finest, read up, so you know exactly how to care for them.

Easy Machine Wash
We pre-wash all of our silk materials before they go to the factory, ensuring that your silk sleepwear won't shrink nor change the shape when you wash them at home. To keep your silk in the best status, select the delicate cycle on the washing machine. We also advise that you wash all your Laloras items with tepid or cold water and mild silk detergent to preserve their luster and fabric.
Drying and Ironing
Lay your silk flat and allow it to air dry naturally. Avoid direct heat and sunlight. Once dry, iron or steam them on the reverse side at low temperature to restore the silk's luster and softness.
- The dye may run during the first few washes. As such, It is advised to washing your silk items separately .

- Avoid washing silks together with other fabrics or items with hooks or zippers that may damage your silks.

- We advise that you wash silks at lower than 30°C as anything hotter can make the fabric harden and become brittle.

- When washing your silk, do not wring or use a tumble dryer.
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